Before applying for a student card, you need to register at the University. When it is done you need to visit one of the following places. You can go either to the local government or to a so called „Kormányablak”. Both are located next to a tram stop.

To the local government you need to make an appointment, you can make it there or under this link online. This is located in tram stop „Kálvin tér”.

You can go to „Kormányablak” anytime in opening hours without any appointment. It is located in tram stop “Szent Anna utca”.

When you are there, an application form should be signed, that will be the signature printed to your permanent student card.

After that a photo will be taken from you and you need to give some personal data. You will get back a form that you need to bring back to the Educational Office at the University and they will make you a temporary student card and they will inform you when your permanent student card is ready.

Be aware, a temporary student card is valid for three months, so in case your permanent student card is not issued, you can ask for extension of the temporary one in the Educational Office.

Permanent student cards have expiry too. By registration for the semester you will get a sticker on it in the Educational Office, you get a new sticker in every semester.