The city has a quite good public transportation system. There are buses, trolleys and trams travel with. You need buy the same ticket in order to travel with the vehicles.

A single ticket entitles you only for one trip, so it is valid from you get on till you get off.

You can buy single tickets by the driver for 400 HUF or you can buy them in advance for 300 HUF. There are several places where you can buy them, like small groceries, kiosks, post offices, shops of Transportation Company. See the point of sales here.

When you get on the vehicle, you need to validate your ticket with one of the following devices, it depends on the vehicle which one you will find on it.







The left one is manual, so after you put your ticket into the black part on the top, you need to pull that black part. The right one will stamp a code on the ticket automatically.

You can also buy monthly pass too. With student card you can buy the pass with 50% off. It might have taken even a month you get just your temporary one. You are entitled to buy student pass if you have a student card or a temporary student card and also need to use them together.

Without having a student card you can buy simple adult pass for full price, to get this you need to make an „identity” card issued by the transportation company. It costs 300 HUF and you need to hand in an ID photo.

Here is how these look like:





The student pass is the same as the right one but with this name „Tanuló havi kombinált bérlet” on it and it will be valid with a student card. To the field Nr. of pass certificate you need to write the number of your student card.

The monthly passes are valid from 1st of current month till the 5th of next month.

You can meet ticket inspectors on every vehicle; they check your ticket or pass and their validity. Validity of student card is also important. In case you do not have a ticket or a pass or the ticket is not validated, you will be fined. The penalty is 3000 HUF.